Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home (ASPH) Provides Cash Support to more than 200 People in Critical Need of Financial support

In collaboration with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Saudi Arabia, Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home (ASPH) disbursed funds to people in critical needs notable amongst them were orphans, widows, aged men and women, students with pressing and urgent financial needs, and poor families in need.

One of the major objectives of the organisation is to help alleviate poverty of the vulnerable in Nigeria and West Africa. Therefore, the organisation partnered with organisations such as the World Assembly of Muslim Youth other international organisations of repute. Our doors are always open to partner with other organisations both locally and internationally. Such partnerships and collaborations would help us provide aid to a much wider range of people in need.

To achieve a sustainable solution to end poverty in line with our aims and objectives, all hands must be on deck. We are using this opportunity to call on well to do individuals and philanthropists to support our organisation as we carry out our humanitarian activities

The President of ASPH Mallam Abdulrazzaq Ibrahim Salman would like to extend his gratitude to the Secretary General of WAMY His Excellency Dr Saleh Solaiman Al-Wohaibi who spares no effort in the fight for the betterment of humanity whenever the need arises.

Finally, we would like to appreciate the efforts of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in Saudi Arabia at large for their efforts to see that this initiative succeeds and is sustained. May Almighty Allah strengthen both Organisations and our other affiliated Organisations.



Farid Abdulrazzaq Salman

Chief Operating Officer

Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home

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