Chairman of the Board's Message

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Abibakr As-sidiq Philanthropic home was founded in the year 1998 by Abdulrazzaq under my mentorship and has been approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria to operate. However, the operations of the Home are not just restricted to Nigeria, the home operates across other West African countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, etc.

One of the primary aims and objectives of the Home are to help the Vulnerable and less privileged West-Africans to reach their basic human needs by providing the healthcare support needed, as West Africa suffers so many challenges to the Health Sector, therefore this is one of the main objectives of the Home. The Home helps by sending a team of medical experts to villages across the region to examine and provide various types of treatment to the people ranging from Malaria treatment to typhoid and so on.

Education is also a top priority at the Home because we understand the importance of Education as it promises a brighter future for our kids, so the home sponsor Students across various West African Countries, by providing scholarships to students, and bursaries to some selected students yearly. The Home also provides school buses to schools in need of them, we also engage in the rehabilitation of classrooms, libraries and laboratories. The Home also builds Madrasas to foster Islamic education across the region. With so many other activities I have not mentioned we are committed to ensuring the West African people get a quality education.

Since the rise of the Boko Haram insurgency that began in 2009, the group started an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria and other neighbouring countries by organizing mass killings, the kidnapping of citizens and destruction of public facilities. Since the wake of the insurgency, the Home has been providing relief materials to people that are affected every 3 months.

The Home has achieved a lot of its objectives over the past decades as a result of Donations, Collaboration and Supports from organisations and individuals in Nigeria, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. These objectives would not have been reached without the help of our donors. I am also using this opportunity to extend my utmost gratitude to all the friends of the Home who have helped us reach most of our objectives.

Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home in collaboration with World Muslim Congress has carried out so many projects together. I, Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef who is the President of World Muslim Congress and also the Chairman Board of Trustees of Abubakar As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home has been to Nigeria on Various Occasions for collaborative conferences between World Muslim Congress and Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic home and also to Inspect the Ongoing Projects of the Home and I can testify to the Success Stories that have been recorded by the Home.

The Home provides Humanitarian services to anyone regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. On that note, it welcomes Donations and collaborative supports from anyone or any organisations with no religious discrimination. As it is understood that humanitarian services are there to tackle things like poverty, natural disasters and improve global health, therefore anyone willing to help the home further reach its Objectives is welcome as this is going to help improve the lives of the less privileged ones.

Dr Abdullah Omar Nasseef
President, World Muslim Congress
Chairman Board of Trustees, Abibakr As- Sidiq Philanthropic Home