Emergency Campaign

The home is also involved in the provision of emergency relief for individuals and community that are affected by natural disaster, civil war, rise of insurgency and other unavoidable occurrences that impact negatively on their existence. The Boko-Haram insurgency facing the north eastern part of Nigeria, the northern Mali conflict, and the insurgency in the Maghreb which involves more than one country. However, the home in collaboration with World Muslim Congress has achieved some fronts in this aspect but a collaborative sponsorship is welcome as well as donations as this emergency campaigns requires substantial funding.

Relief to Victims of War in the North-East of Nigeria

The North-East of Nigeria has been ravaged by war, there has been a lot of destruction by terrorist groups and bandits. This has forced so many people to flee their Homes leaving everything behind. Most of them end up in IDP camps, most of them become refugees in neighbouring States because they are poor. At the Home, we provide relief materials to people in this region every 3 months since the wake of the insurgency. We welcome support and donations from like-minded organisations and individuals to keep providing relief materials to those in the IDP camps. We are also involved in helping people with resettlement in all the areas where the government have been able to gain full control.