Environmental Services

We believe that clean environment is achievable and sustainable through provision of water and sanitation assistance. Construction of water borehole, public usable toilets, provision of garbage cans and litter bins, constructions of sewers, and also sensitizing the public on the need to have a clean environment. The provision of all these for communities in need have gone a long way in achieving sustainable environment for the vulnerable.

Clean Drinking Water Solution

One of the biggest challenges that face areas suffering from poverty, famine or drought is the lack of access to clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Water is fundamental to life yet even today millions of people, particularly those living in third world countries, have little to no access to it. One of the quickest ways to provide drinking water is digging a well or creating a hand-operated water pump or drilling a borehole. At the Home we provide water for poor communities in need of clean water. Donate to our cause and see to it that some of the most barren regions in West Africa get access to clean drinking water.

  • Hand Pumps – $600
  • Small Water Wells – $800
  • Community Water Wells – $1500
  • Large Village Water Wells – $3500
  • Water Filtration & Purification Plant – $20000

If you wish to give us any further information, for example if you want a name on a plaque, you can tell us.

Providing Public Toilet

At the Home, we build public toilets for communities in need of them to prevent the spread of diseases that could cause an epidemic in the society. We welcome donations from you, because having a clean-living environment can only be achieved collectively.

Providing Garbage cans and litter bins

At the Home, we provide garbage cans and liter bins for the collection of plastic waste, and rubbishes in other to prevent land pollution. We welcome donations from individuals to help us keep our planet safe.

Girls Sanitary Packs

At the Home we provide girls and women with sanitary packs. As girls in rural areas all over West Africa are not really enlightened about their monthly period due to the lack of proper education, they tend to not understand their body. So, we at the home we deliver packages to communities and we also send our team along with medical experts to enlighten people of the community on the use of sanitary pads and the need to have a healthy body. We welcome donations and support from like-minded organisations and individuals to support our cause.

Hygiene Kits (soap, towel, toothpaste and toothbrush)

We provide hygiene kits which includes toiletries to people.