Founder's Biography

The founder of the Home, Mallam Abdulrazzaq Salman is a man of simple lifestyle, very religious and also a liberal Islamic scholar. He is the executive director of World Muslim Congress and also the coordinator for its operations in West Africa.

Abdulrazzaq was born in the city of Ilorin in the late 1950s to the Sholagberu’s family, Abdulrazzaq lost his mother at a very young age. He attended his elementary to High school education in Ilorin Kwara State, after which he proceeded to the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia to gain his bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature. He then proceeded to gain a master’s degree in Arabic Language from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan. After completing his studies, he moved to Saudi Arabia where he gained his first employment with World Muslim Congress.

Mallam Abdulrazzaq is currently the Executive Director of World Muslim Congress, Nigerian Office and coordinator of the West African region. He is also an International Executive Council member for the Congress. He has held different positions and carried out responsibilities in different capacities;

  1. Member of the Presidency of International Islamic Council for Da’awah and Relief
  2. Member of the Islamic- Catholic Liaison Committee, Vatican
  3. Member of the International Foundation of the Scientific Miracle in the Holy Quran and Sunnah
  4. Expert of the Strategic Studies (World Muslim Congress)
  5. Member: Forum for Social Studies, United Kingdom
  6. Board of Trustee, Islamic Heritage Organisation London U.K.

He has also served as member in many International Islamic Organisations around the World. He has participated in a number of National, Regional and International committees, seminars and conferences on various fields (Islamic, Relief, Education, Dialogue) among which are;

  1. International Islamic symposium on the future of Islam in Africa, Tetuan Morocco
  2. International symposium on Al-Quds, Rome Italy
  3. Symposium on Islam and the Dialogue of civilization, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  4. Human Rights in Peace and War times, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  5. Justice and World Peace, Colombo Sri-Lanka
  6. 1st International Conference, Nigeria 2004. The Muslim World: “From the past bloom to the painful contemporary gloom”. Ilorin Nigeria
  7. Seminar on the 80 year of World Muslim Congress existence, Colombo Sri-Lanka

Among some of the work Mallam Abdulrazzaq has done are some notable publications he has such as;

  1. Islam: the rights and duties of citizens
  2. Islam and the culture of dialogue
  3. Islam: Human rights and duties.

He had always nursed the ambition of extending help to other people in need (He was himself an orphan). While studying, his thoughts matured into the establishment of the Home and with assistance from his friends it becomes expedient at this point in time to establish the Home. As the President, he has overall responsibility in respect of general running and decision makings of the Home.

Other notable Philanthropic Activities

  1. He established Abdulrazzaq Education Trust Fund in 2002 to help the Youths in the Emirate of Ilorin to acquire higher education. About 300 students benefits from this fund Yearly.
  2. His several contributions to the development of different communities around Nigeria are also noted, by constructing standard motorised borehole for different communities in Nigeria for the supply of clean water.
  3. He has contributed personally to the development of different communities in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, e.g. Erin-ile, Share, Dawakin Kudu, Shonga, Birnin Konni, Diffa, Koutiala, Kati, Paoskoto, Bobo-Dioulasso, Senoufou,

Mallam Abdulrazzaq is happily married and has children.