Future Projects

At the Home we believe in working together to campaign on issues affecting the lives of people in Nigeria and across West Africa. We mobilise Muslim communities and influential people to do more to create positive changes across the region

Establishment of Abibakr As- Sidiq School

The management concluded that; the Home will be establishing its own international standard Primary school and Boarding Secondary Schools that will be delivering quality education to the poor and others. The primary school will be free for every child to attend without paying for anything. As for the secondary school, there will be a set school fee for students, but it will not be as expensive as other international schools and scholarships would also be given to students who will not be able to afford this fee. The Board came to this decision because the need for quality education in Nigeria is on a High level at the moment. We welcome support and donations so that we can achieve this cause, because by providing quality education to a child you have supported a generation to prosper. 

Establishing Abibakr As-Sidiq Farm

The management team concluded that the organisation needs to device ways of generating more funds for it to be able to sustain its programs and fund other future programs. Our plan is to venture into commercial agriculture, this will not only help the organisation, but it will also help the economy of Nigeria and also the West African economy generally. This project will be a little bit capital intensive, but everyone is welcomed to support us in achieving this. We will be venturing into to livestock farming, crop farming, poultry, fishery and also dairy products. This will also create employment for people in the society. The proposed expected amount of the project is $950,000 -$1,000,000. This is a breakdown of what we plan on doing;

Establishment of Abibakr As-Sidiq Drinking Water Production Facility

As part of the Management’s decision to start generating funds for the organisation, the decision to establish a water producing company for sales was also taken.
The Home will be establishing this facility to generate funds to be supporting its projects across West Africa. This particular project would also help in tackling unemployment in Nigeria, because the Home will be employing Locals to work in the facility.

Establishment of an Islamic Radio Station

The Home is looking to establish its own Islamic radio station in its pursuit to propagate Islam and also combat Islamophobia. The team came to the decision that it will establish a radio station that will only be used for the propagation of Islam and also the combating of Islamic extremism.

Establishment of Abibakr As- Sidiq Dialysis centre

The Home is planning to establish a dialysis facility in Ilorin Kwara State. This will help in improving the Health sector of Nigeria, it will create employment for the unemployed people in the medical field. The Services will not be free, but it will be cheaper than the services provided to people in other privates and government facilities. We welcome donations from everyone so that we can achieve this cause

Abibakr As-Sidiq’s Project North-East Nigeria 2020

This project is to help displaced people with resettlement into their homes, and also provide funds for families (Muslims and Non-Muslims) that have been affected by the violence in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria. This project is to help them resettle into their homes and also helping them start a little business that will serve as a source of income for them.

Dr Abdullah Omar Naseef Scholarship Program

This program is for poor kids, orphans and adults who are gifted with special skills from almighty Allah. It could be in sports, sciences or other fields, the program is designed in a way that would help them realise their full potential. The program is in honour of the Chairman board of trustees and President of the World Muslim Congress, Dr Abdullah Omar Naseef. Funds will be available for this purpose, those in need will be able to apply for this scholarship by filling the right form as provided on this website and scan it back to our email or post it to our address and we will be getting back to them shortly. Visits to our offices are also allowed and the organisation will also be on the lookout for potential beneficiaries.

Proposed Orphanage Home

We at the Home in collaboration with other international charity organisations will be building Orphanage homes in some West African Cities. We care about the well-being of orphans, because it is part of the teachings of the messenger of Allah to look after orphans. Our plan is to establish an Orphanage Home in 25 States out of the 36 States in Nigeria including other Cities in West Africa i.e. Lomé in the Republic of Togo, Cotonou in the Republic Benin, Banjul Gambia, Conakry in the Republic of Guinea, Niamey in the Republic of Niger, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso and Dakar Senegal. This is a massive project we are looking to embark on. In other to be able to achieve the full potential of this program, we welcome donations and other forms of support from all parts of the world.