President of Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home

Today despite Nigeria’s great economy and West Africa’s strategic location on the surface of the continent, there is a real need to provide job opportunities, create an enabling environment for the youths and also put an end to poverty. There are so many challenges facing West Africa today, from child hunger, outbreak of diseases, violence against women, unemployment, youth’s addiction to drugs, lack of clean water, High rate of out of school children, Islamic extremism, poor living environment and lack of health care facilities.

Through our various programs we provide support to less privileged people, we offer tuition assistance to prospective students, we provide food to poor communities, support for teachers and Mu’alims with their engagements with students, provision of local amenities to societies in need of them, we provide basic health care facilities and we take care of orphans and widows.

Abibakr As-Sidiq Philanthropic Home aims to provide the foundation to eradicate poverty through empowering individuals and societies in need. To maintain and expand our philanthropic efforts, we work with various international organizations and individuals. Acting as a connection between donors and causes, we build an unbreakable bond within our community and strengthen our society.

Our vision is a future where we continue to grow and support important causes that are crucial to our Region. As one of the only few international Islamic charity organisations in our country, the home is able to reach the widest number of local and regional charitable causes by keeping our donors engaged within our community.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all our donors, collaborators and partners for supporting our cause financially, with materials and in other ways the home is really grateful Jazāk Allāhu Khayran.

Together we can, and we will make the World a better place.

Mallam Abdulrazzaq Ibrahim Salman
Executive Director, World Muslim Congress
President, Abibakr As- Sidiq Philanthropic Home