This is a holy time when over one billion Muslims around the world fast and focus their attention on giving to charity. During Ramadan, both fasting and acts of charity are obligatory upon Muslims who are able to do so. At the Home, we feed over 1 million people during the month of Ramadan. As the holy month of Ramadan falls upon us every year, the Home makes sure that as well as providing food aid throughout the year, we make sure that deprived families in Ramadan have the food they need in Ramadan to help combat poverty and nutritional deficiency.

During Ramadan, orphans, widows and needy people without any source of income struggle to buy the food they need. To help alleviate this problem, the home distributes a comprehensive Ramadan nutritional package to orphans, widows, elderly and the needy. The Home also organizes on a daily basis iftar for indigent Muslims in various locations across West Africa where we are present.

We welcome donations and support from like-minded organisations and individuals.

  • Food for an Individual per day – $15
  • Food Basket for a family per month – $65
  • Food for a group of 10 people – $70
  • Support our Iftar program – $10